Hodsock Priory in June

Hodsock 2

Secrets of Hodsock Priory

Date:  Tuesday 24th June 2014

Gardens open for us to look around from 6.30pm

Meet at front door just before 7.30 for tour, described as:  looking at the secrets of Hodsock. Learn more about the people that have lived here. Go behind the scenes with owner George Buchanan as he shows you secret passageways and doors and shares stories and shows artefacts.

Light refreshments provided (wine/tea/coffee, sandwiches and scones/cakes)



After our talk from George Buchanan we decided to pay a visit to Hodsock Priory, and we were not disappointed.

It was a beautiful evening and we looked round the gardens first of all, which were a bit different to what you see in January/February with the snowdrops, but still very full with an abundance of flowers and shrubs and the “Tulip Tree” Liriodendron tulipifera – wow, what a tree.  It can take up to fifteen years for it’s first flowering, but I think it is probably worthwhile, unless you are very impatient.


We met Mr Buchanan senior who was gardening late into the evening with his wheelbarrow in tow and list of jobs to do, but always time for a quick chat and hello.

George than took us into the house and gave us a talk about the history of Hodsock Priory and showed us around the beautiful building.  Please visit http://www.hodsockpriory.com/brief-history for a bit more in depth history of Hodsock.


George and Katharine Buchanan have now taken over the management of Hodsock and have restored the Pavilion to make it a perfect wedding venue.

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In fact I came away greatly enthused and excited as my daughter is getting married in 2016 and I rang her up and told her all about it. Let us see how the Hodsock Wedding fund comes along !!

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George supplied us with some wonderful treats that had been home made, and a constant refill of tea and coffee, just delicious.

All had a wonderful evening, and I will never tire of going to see the snowdrops in the spring.


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2 Responses to Hodsock Priory in June

  1. Alison Slinger says:

    So nice to look back to happy sunny summer evenings ( on this very rainy dark one!)
    Thanks Anne for putting this on.

  2. Liz says:

    Yes its good to be reminded of what a lovely interesting evening that was.

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