Opera in the Garden and Open Gardens July 2014

Opera 6


The show got off to a very wet start as Chrissie, Bernie (her husband) and fellow gardening club members battled with a storm that had decided to arrive at around 5.00 p.m., the gates were due to open at 6.00 p.m.

I couldn’t get there on time as I couldn’t get out of my front door for rain spouting out of the drainpipe; it was coming down that hard. Chrissie got drenched trying to re-site marquees and to keep everything dry, but just before the doors opened, the rain stopped, out came the sun and the show carried on. Unfortunately no one realised that the piano stool was soaking as the pianist took his seat, he managed until half time where he was helped to dry out (not telling how), and the second half went ahead.

It was once again a fabulous night with fabulous singers….. just absolutely amazing.   Everyone had their picnics, champagne, wine, candles etc which all added to the atmosphere of the evening.


We donated the proceeds from the evening, which amounted to £1400 to the Southwell Flood Forum.


Well done to everyone who participated and also helped to make the evening a huge success.

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We carried on with Open Gardens on the Sunday 20th July. There were about six or seven gardens who had agreed to open for the day, cakes were made, plants were supplied, the sun came out, and another lovely day was had by all.

We raised £800 from the open gardens, which we donated to Reach, The Southwell Care Project.

Watch this space for Opera In The Garden next year …. Date to be published soon.



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